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Q1: Is the Green Leaf™ Eco Standard (GLES) internationally-recognised?

Yes. The GLES complies with all recognised international requirements and benchmarks for sustainability certification, under the guidance of the professional Technical Committee.

Q2: How do I enrol in the certification process?

GLES is strictly implemented by regional franchisees. Any one of these relevant Accredited Facilities can be contacted directly to enquire about or enrol in the GLES program. Alternatively, the GLES can be contacted directly for further guidance at

Q3: What are the benefits in achieving certification?

Firstly, certification allows an organisation to promote its sustainability efforts with full third-party verified support, without any risk of greenwashing. This support can be showcased through acceptable use of marketable Green Leaf™ Eco Standard logos, thus improving brand and corporate image. Secondly, the certified organisation will be advertised on this website and all other relevant Green Leaf™ Eco Standard media channels. Thirdly, many GLES Accredited Facilities support the certified organisations by arranging press releases upon achievement of certification. Lastly, certification is not the goal in the process, sustainability is – certification acts as a tool to encourage operational changes in any organisation which improve the social and environmental footprints while increasing the economic bottom-line.

Q4: How long does the certification process take?

The certification process begins with a basic consultation to assess an organisation’s compliance to the GLES. If the organisation appears compliant, the audit process is initiated through a GLES consultant from an Accredited Facility. The audit comprises of an off-site document review where the baseline data is gathered to input into the GLES scorecard (7 working days) and an on-site audit procedure where all information gathered off-site is verified and personnel interviews are conducted (2 working days). Following the completion of a successfully compliant audit, the GLES certificate will be issued within 21 working days.

Q5: How long is my certificate valid for?

All GLES certificates are valid for two years following compliant on-site review. Three months prior to expiry of a certificate, a GLES consultant from an Accredited Facility will recommended a follow-up renewal audit for the next two-year cycle.

Q6: Can any organisation or business be GLES-certified?

Yes. The GLES has been structured as a set of key industry-sector modules. Through the Technical Committee, the GLES can be structured to suit the sustainability requirements of any organisation, no matter what sector they may fall under.