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Technical Committee

The modules comprising the Green Leaf™ Eco Standard (GLES) are developed, drafted and maintained through the Green Leaf Technical Committee. This Committee is appointed by the Green Leaf Environmental Trust (GLET) and are a group of sustainability experts within industry, government and academic sectors. Selection criteria for personnel involved in the Technical committee have been developed and approved by the Trustees of the Green Leaf Environmental Trust.

The Technical Committee have a defined structure, scope of work, terms of reference and code of conduct.

Governance of the GLES is driven by the Technical Committee who work to explain the principles and applicable rules of the Standard while also detailing the intellectual property rights for these. The Technical Committee also provides access to the various tools and related supporting services available to facilitate the work of Standard developers

Accredited Technical Signatories and Accredited Facilities

The Green Leaf Environmental Trust appoints and establishes competent Technical Signatories for the Green Leaf™ Eco Standard who form part of an Approvals Committee. A Technical Signatory is required to review assessment data and thereby authorise certification. The GLET also approves and reviews regional Accredited Facilities of the GLES.

The Code of Conduct for the Technical Committee and Technical Signatories as well as other relevant details relating to the governance of the Green Leaf™ Eco Standard are available upon request.

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