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The first accredited Global Verification Agency of the Green Leaf™ Eco Standard

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Green Leaf Sustainability Services (GLSS) is the first accredited Global Verification Agency of the Green Leaf™ Eco Standard (GLES).

GLSS has a core focus on sustaining businesses beyond the triple bottom-line – thereby ensuring competitiveness, profitability and responsibility. Doing business sustainably is about operating today in a way that ensures a business is positioned to succeed now and in the generations to follow. For more information on GLSS, click here.

There are three key elements to GLSS: Solutions, Software and Standard.
  • Solutions. GLSS delivers on all aspects of sustainability and responsible business practices through stand-alone modules of combined sustainability packages, aligned with the Green Leaf Eco Standard, which can be implemented through an integrated software package. Aspects include carbon footprinting, sustainability auditing, environmental planning, sustainability training, amongst others.

  • Software. GLSS provides business intelligence for tangible bottom-line value through a collaborative software management system.

  • Standard. GLSS is an accredited, impartial verification agency of the Green Leaf™ Eco Standard. All services relating to the GLES, from consultation through to verification auditing are fully available through GLSS.


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  • Market opportunities as a sustainability consultant
  • Credibility
  • Advertising on this webpage and associated GLES media outlets
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